[Dr. Carola Salvi, Ph.D]

"Dumbass Drain", di Roberto Ponciroli rappresenta uno dei primi esempi di espressione intellettuale, fatta da uno scienziato che riflette sulla propria condizione di emigrato, sul vissuto provato da chi si trova costretto a lasciare il paese di origine, sul mettere in discussione le scelte effettuate, ma soprattutto sul prezzo delle ambizioni.”

“Did we make the right decision to leave our country in order to continue our work? Was it fair for us to make this decision alone, considering the difficulties imposed on our families and friends back home? Is achieving professional success a necessary step to give meaning to our own lives?”

These are some of the questions, often asked by immigrants, on which the author reflects based on his personal experiences and journey through his academic career in Italy, the frustration and sense of loss after completing his studies, and the possibility of a new beginning with employment at a prestigious research center near Chicago. In this essay, the author explores the trials and the tribulations faced by an immigrant researcher who, despite having achieved many of his professional goals, continues to reflect on the meaning of the choices he made and the costs of fulfilling his ambitions.

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